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Asiatic’s journey since its inception in 1972 is a fascinating saga of grit, determination and perseverance.


The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes.

Asiatic’s journey since its inception in 1972 is a fascinating saga of grit, determination and perseverance.

“In mid-2016, LTL Holdings Pvt. Ltd, the largest engineering and infrastructure conglomerates of Sri Lanka, fully acquired Asiatic Electrical & Switchgear Pvt. Ltd to fill a gap that existed in its product range. LTL Holdings is a major player in the Power Sector with its presence in more than 20 countries globally.

Under the able leadership & guidance from LTL Holdings seasoned senior management, Asiatic has set the momentum for a responsible and sustainable growth in the Electrical Switchgear market. In its quest to deliver world class Electrical Switchgear products, Asiatic is spreading its footprints rapidly in new directions by enhancing its customer base across the world….

With this strategic take over, the new management has set up an ambitious plan for Asiatic which is going to take the company to a whole new level.

Asiatic Electrical & Switchgear P. Ltd has been able to carve a niche for itself design, manufacture and sale of High Tension (HT)/Low Tension (LT) Switchgear products like LV Distribution Boards, Feeder Pillars, Service Cabinets, L.V. Cut-outs, Fuse Switches, Lightening Arrestors, Expulsion fuse cut outs, Composite Insulators up to 66 kV, F.R.P Rods and VCB Panels . It also has the distinction of being RDSO approved vendor for 25 kV Composite Insulators

Our primary focus is to provide ultimate customer satisfaction through validated processes and value engineering products. All our products have been tested as per latest IS/IEC/BS/ customer specifications at CPRI/DEKRA/KEMA-Holland/KERI-Korea.”

Certified to ISO:9001:2015 , ISO14001:2015& OHSAS 18001: 2007, we adhere to the set quality management systems with full emphasis on occupational health & safety and conservation of environment

Asiatic is holder of CRISIL rated SE-1B signifying “Highest performance capability and High financial strength.”

We have set footprints in all major markets across the globe with prime focus on Middle east, UK, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Abu Dhabi, Yemen, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Turkey, Ghana & Qatar  etc.

In domestic arena,our products are approved in CESC – Kolkata, TPDDL, JVVNL, JDVVNL, BESCOM, KSEB, PVVNL, MVVNL, KESL, BEL, GAIL, TANGEDCO, Reliance, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd. etc.

Asiatic team endeavours to meet the new challenges headon through persistence, sincerity and perseverance.

In its voyage of discovery, it has channelized its unbridled passion in seeking new realms.


We specialize in design manufacture and sale of Low and High Voltage Distribution Systems

  • L.T Distribution Pillars/Switch Boards.

  • Mini Distribution Pillars; Feeder pillars, Service cabinets

  • Sub Main Distribution Board, MCB & DB’s of Din type

  • LT Cutouts / House service cutouts, SP, SPN, TPN

  • 400A Heavy duty Cutouts

  • Pole Mounting Din Type Fuse Switch Disconnectors

  • Din Type Vertical Fuse Switch Disconnectors/ Fuse Rails

  • 11-24-36 kV; 200A Dropout (Expulsion) Fuse Cutouts.*

  • 11 kV Air Break Switches in 200, 400 & 630A ratings.*

  • 09/12/24/36 kV, 5/10 kA Surge Arrestors*

  • 11-24/36 kV line/Pin Composite Insulators

  • 25 kV Insulators for Railways

  • 11-36 kV VCB Panels.

*       Available in silicone & porcelain insulators