25A STREET LIGHTING CUTOUTS are most compact, convenient and reliable products for Street lighting applications.
The product is Designed for 25A, single Phase & neutral lines as per BS 7654 Specifications. The unique design offers easy installation on the street lighting equipment.

Characteristics – Design

* Compact & User friendly Design
* Housing is made up of high quality Dough Moulding compound (DMC) which offers excellent mechanical & Electrical strength besides imparting a sleek smooth finish.
* Available in Designs suitable for accommodating two core / four core cables as follows: Type- A-1 – Suitable for accommodating one incoming two core cable & One outgoing two core cables. Type- B-1 –Suitable for accommodating one incoming four core cable & one outgoing four core cable. Two cores from both incoming & outgoing cables can be looped without being electrically used
through two separate terminals.
* Offers IP22 degree of protection
* Terminals are made up of tinned high tensile brass with serrated bores of Dia 8 mm. The pinching screws are also in brass & are duly tinned.
* Rubber grommets are provided at inlet / outlets to prevent ingress.
* Uniquely identified safety shield is provided which prevents inadvertent contact with live metal parts when fuse carrier is removed.
* Accepts tag type fuse links 2-25A to BS 7654.
* Facilities for Sealing by wire & lead seals provided.
* Except for the pinching screws, all screws & fasteners used in the cutout are in stainless steel.