Introducing…A whole new design of LV HRC Fuse switches to simplify your LV distribution & protection schemes. With compact yet agronomic design, LV HRC Fuse switches find their application in LV Distribution Boards, Feeder Pillars, service Cabinets & a host of other similar installations which demand high performance, reliability & economy.
The new design with enhanced shrouding guarantees operational safety against accidental contact with live parts. The Fuse switches have excellent breaking capacity to meet stringent site requirements.
The overall dimension of the LV Dist Board /Feeder pillars are greatly reduced with their use and hence the total cost of the switchgear substantially comes own.
. High making and breaking capacity, utilization category AC 22B as per IEC 60947-3 and possesses high degree of short circuit making capacity
. Improvised opening & closing mechanism with better grip handles
. Quick & Easy installation Enhanced Protection against accidental contact with live parts
. Fuse base moulded from high quality Fire retardant DMC material offers high degree of mechanical strength & heat resistance
. The contact shrouds & other moulded components are made from best quality fire retardant materials as specified by Electrical utilities ensuring high level performance at elevated temperatures
. A transparent window is provided to see status of Fuse link
. Unique design of Copper contacts (in Tin/silver plating) are ergonomically designed to withstand repeated operations with lower contact resistance & hence less heating . The contacts are spring assisted to maintain adequate contact pressure at all times. The arc chute mechanism further increases life of the contacts
. The downward connections are of electrolytic copper tin plated which are brought to one level at the bottom for cable termination with phase L1on the left hand side. The hinged front cover is 3x single Pole/Triple-Pole switchable as required by customer
. A host of terminal designs available to suit varied customer requirements (V groove / Pillar / Bolted)
. HRC Fuse switches generally meet the requirement of IEC 60947.HRC Fuse switches generally meet the requirement of IEC 60947
Fuse Switches can be installed in the LV Distribution boards at very close proximity ( as low as 115 mm) and a depth of 195 mm. These can be directly bolted on the bus bars spacing 185 mm as per DIN 43623 Form B. Easy cable termination is possible at the bottom of the fuse switches without any strain on the terminals.

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