The expulsion fuse cutouts offer reliable mechanism for providing circuit protection in Arial distribution systems for voltages rang- ing from11 kV to 36 kV. It is designed to be installed outdoors for vertical cross arm or pole mounting. Asiatic manufactures the ex- pulsion fuse cutouts in both Porcelain & Silicone rubber insulators.


» An all Copper current path is designed to ensure efficient current transfer.

» The galvanized steel hooks mounted on the top support guide the fuse holder into the contact and also serves a dual purpose for use with load break tools.

» Fuse tube holder has clearly distinguished outer layer of UV re- sistant fibre glass and inner layer of bone liner which effectively extinguishes the Arc.

» The fuse carrier tube can be easily replaced with a new one in an unlikely event of being damaged or burnt.

» The hinged mechanism manufactured in brass is duly electro- plated which ensures smooth operation in corrosive environ-

ments and provides low resistance current transfer path.

» With the incorporation of Arc Shortening rod, higher interrup- tion capacity is achievable. The Arc Shortening rod is optional and is available on request.

Expulsion Fuse Cutouts

» The inherent design has safety latch which prevents the fuse carrier from dropping due to vibration. Can be used as off load disconnector with Brass Blade instead of Fuse holder.

» The upper and lower Eye bolt connectors are provided with the cutout.

» The unit is supplied with mounting brackets duly galvanized with necessary hardware for fixing in intended location.

» The expulsion fuse cutouts are available in both Porcelain and Silicone rubber insulators .

» The use of Polymeric/Silicone Rubber base insulators have several advantage over the conventional ceramic insulators such as lightness in weight upto 30% , ability to achieve higher creepage, hydrophobic , Fire retardant , Impact & vandal resist- ant , Un-breakable & hence reduces the risk of transport , resis- tive to ozone & UV radiations, resistant to earthquake shocks & reliable & safe mechanical performance.