The Heavy duty LV Cutouts are compact, convenient & reliable products designed as per BS 88. Their primary function is to protect
& safely distribute a 415 V, 3P+N+E line for residential / industrial applications.
They are designed for satisfactory performance in harsh atmospheric conditions of high temperatures and humidity.
* Srong & Sturdy design moulded in DMC material .
* All moulded components are  re retardant.
* Contacts are constructed in ETP grade copper 99.9% pure and are tin plated.
* Designed as per BS 88.
* Available in 400A & 630A Current ratings.
* 400A Cutout can accommodate 240 sqmm cable whereas 630A Cutout can accommodate 300 sqmm cable
* Choice of termination can be provided on Outgoing side.
* Ergonomically designed cable chambers in 400A cutout has provision for 3 cable entry positions through PVC grommets.
* Outgoing side of the cutout is closed via foam Bush.
* LVHDC630I has 8 cable entries ( 2 per phase) through PVC grommets.
* Clear Shrouds provided on each phase & neutral
* Sealing arrangement provided.