The Fuse Switches are suitable for use in Distribution Boards and Feeder Pillar Boxes. The fuse switches guarantee operating safety against accidental contact and has adequate breaking capacity.
Due to their compact design & easy mounting, it is economical to use vertical type fuse switches in the LV Distribution boards. The overall dimension of the LV Distribution boards are reduced with their use and, therefore, the total cost of the switchgear is thus essentially cutdown.
. The fuse switch can be closed on the short circuit fault without danger to the operator.
. High making and breaking capacity, utilization category AC22 as per IEC 408 and also high degree of short circuit making capacity. Body is made of high quality glass fibre-reinforced polyster (DMC) which is mechanically strong, heat resistant & self extinguishing type. The contacts are of copper silver plated, spring assisted provided with arc of chutes with adequate number of splitter plates for quenching the arc.
. The downward connections are of electrolytic copper tin plated which are brought to one level at the bottom for cable termination with phase L1 on the left hand side. The hinged front cover is available with painted steel.
. Protection against accidental contact with live parts even if the switch cover is open. HRC Fuse Switches generally meet the
requirement of IEC 408.
Fuse Switches can be installed in the LV Distribution board at a center to center assembly distance of 100 mm and a depth of 135 mm. These can be directly bolted on the bus bars spacing 185 mm as per DIN 43623 Form B. Easy cable termination is possible at the bottom of the fuse switches without any strain on the terminals.