LV HRC fuse bases can be combined to form distribution systems having desired number of electrical circuits.
Due to their compact design these are particularly suitable for distribution application in Service Cabinets, Feeder Pillars and Distribution Boards.
The body of the fuse base is made of glass fibre reinforced polyster on which the spring loaded silver/tin plated fuse contacts are mounted. Fuse contacts are covered with shroud of insulating material for added safety against accidental contact.
The fuse bases are bolted directly to the bus bars. The terminals of the fuse bases are tin of plated copper.
The LV HRC fuse bases comply generally with DIN 43623:
Size 1-3 Form B Provided with vertical droppers for cable connection at bottom The fuse bases of Sizes 1-3 are suitable for a spacing
between bus bar centers of 185 mm and depth of 153 mm.