Indoor / Outdoor Cast Aluminium Cutouts 100A, 150A, 200A
The Cast Aluminum Cutouts are compact convenient & reliable products designed for indoor! outdoor applications . Their primary function is protct & safely distribute a 415 V, 3 P+N line for residential / industrial applications. They are designed for satisfactory performance in harsh atmospheric conditions of high temperatures & humidity.
O Designed as per Bahrain spedfications EDD S-4142-E with latest amendments, BS88 & IEC 269J 60439.
O Suitable for use with 4 core XLPE insulated cables from 70 mm2 to 240 mm 2.
O Supplied with brass mechanical BW (for indoor cutouts ) or E1W (for outdoor cutouts ) cable glands to BS6121. Earth tag & gland shrouds are also optionally supplied on customer request O The cutouts are provided with Phase barriers of adequate size & thidmess to provide good insulation between the phases& earth. O The cutout is supplied with optional Aluminum Cable lugs & Bimetallic washers for outgoing terminals. O Casted from high quality Aluminum alloy which offers good mechanical strength besides being light weight & is totally corrosion resistant The cutouts are duly powder coated for a good finish & extended life.
O Available in Indoor& outdoorversions ranging from 100A— 160Ato 250Asuitableforwall mounting. O Offers IP 2X degree of protection for indoor cutouts & IP 44 for outdoorversions.
O The Terminals are manufactured in high tensile brass & are duly tinned as per BS 1872. O The fuse base is made up of robust insulating material with fixed terminal fuse contacts for accepting fully shrouded Finger grip Fuse carriers suitable for 82.5 mm fixing center J type Fuse links as per BS
The Cutouts have fully been type tested at CENTRAL POWER RESEARCH INSTITUTE-INDIA according to EDD S-4142-E with latest amendments , Bs88 & IEC 269J 60439