The cutouts are designed for 60/80/100A rating complying with BS 7657:1993 and ESI 12-10.
General Construction
The Cutout Housing is of DMC with a quality finish from modern moulding tools to ensure accuracy in the various parts for interchangeability. Mechanical and Di-electric strength. Brass inserts are provided wherever required for fixing one part to another. Terminal Blocks are of Brass duly Tin plated, fitted with two large pinching screws per  conductor. The fuse carriers are designed for standard BS 88 / BS 1361 fuse links and standard copper contacts having uniform pressure to ensure effective contact with long service life.
Following dimensions are standard:
Upto 60/80A 22.23 mm dia.-57 mm long II a 80/100A 30.16 mm dia.-57 mm long II b
Fuse CarriersThese are of split design, therefore it only necessitates to loosen the fuse clips when replacing a fuse link. Fuse link can be withdrawn from the open end of the carrier half. Carrier housing is common for both 60A & 100A fuse links. Upgrading of cutout can be done simply by replacing with larger fuse clips. Sealing  The fuse carrier and fuse base unit have provision for wire sealing. An additional wire sealing arrangement is provided for the neutral. Phase Protection: A hinge type nylon shroud covers the incoming phase terminals thus reducing the possibility of accidental contact with live parts when wiring the outgoing terminal. Interlocking Feature: Prior to removal of any component, the fuse carrier has to be withdrawn. This enables clear access to the neutral block and/or cable trough. This is an inbuilt safety feature.
The design and construction of the cutouts ensures terminals to be retained without the use of any fixing screws. Adequate size serrated bores and pinching screws are provided for standard Copper or  Aluminum and solid conductors of upto 35 sq. mm. on phase and neutral. The neutral/earth block of the cutout also has bores for two earth conductors and connection for a time switch wire. Cabling: The cable trough is designed for termination, suitable for PVC cables. In addition a small knockout is provided for an externally connected earth wire when using a PILCA cable.
Type Tests
The cutout has been tested for the following Type Tests as per BS 7657:
* Test for temperature rise at rated current.
* Mechanical endurance (including repeat of test for temperature
rise at rated current).
4Overload test (including repeat of test for temperature rise at rated
current, lightning impulse withstand voltage dry tests and power
frequency withstand voltage dry tests).
* Performance under short-circuit conditions.
* Flammability test.
* Impact test.
* Strength of sealing lugs.
* Degree of protection test (Ip4x).
* Terminal torque test.
Routine Test
* H.V. Test at 3.75 kV (rams) for one minute.
* Insulation resistance test.
* Mechanical insertion & withdrawal test.