The Gang operated load break switches are meant for outdoor application and are suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting. They are designed for satisfactory performance in harsh atmospheric conditions of high/low temperatures & humidity. Their primary function is to isolate a 33kV, 3 Phase network.


* Single break type with 2/3 post insulators per pole. Quick make & break manual operation.

* Suitable for operation upto a altitude of 3000 m.

* Suitable for mounting at the top of a single or double steel pole.

* Used for single / three phase applications and suitable for operation on structures 6 meters or more above ground level with a pad lock facility.

* Robust sturdy design with bottom MS channel of adequate dimensions which imparts requisite strength.

* Copper contacts are made of ETP grade high conductivity copper and are spring loaded for adequate contact pressure. The contacts are duly plated to improve resistance to corrosion and offers a low resistance current path.

* All MS parts and Hardware are duly hot dip galvanized as per standard specifications which imparts long life to the switch.

* The Isolator is capable of withstanding the electrical & mechanical stresses induced during unlikely event of a short circuit.

* Sturdy operating mechanism is provided allowing easy operation 6 meters or above ground level with simultaneous operation of all the three poles making perfect electrical contact. Mechanical locking facility is provided for closed & open positions as required.

* The Post insulators are with min. creepage distance of 1150 mm suitable for heavily polluted atmosphere and meets the stringent requirements of IEC.

* The operating GI pipe provided along with the switch conforms to Medium Class as per IS 1239-1/ Eqvl and is 6000 mm in length.

* A choice of terminations can be provided to suit individual customer requirements.