Product Preview

It consists of manual/motor operated spring charged mechanism of stored energy type.

In the closed state of breaker, the closing spring can perform the duty operation. Facility is also available for hand charging the springs in the event of control supply failure. The closing spring is charged in less than 15 sec. Electrical Anti-pumping feature is also provided.

The mechanism is trip free and suitable for rapid Re-closing. The vacuum interrupters are capable of switching capacitive currents and small Magnetizing current.

Salient Features

· Conforms to IS2147. IEC-62271-100, IEC-· 60298 & IEC-60694.

· Fully compartmentalized & internal arc

· compliance as per standards.

· Emergency tripping arrangement without

· opening the breaker chamber front door.

· Extensible & modular construction.

· High reliability.

· Re-strike free.

· Horizontal isolation, horizontal drawn-out.

· Self aligning type cluster contacts for robust design.

· Stored energy type spring closing mechanism.

· Fully interlocked for operational safety.


Metal clad VCB cubicles are fabricated out of high quality steel sheet by sophisticated manufacturing process, stringent in process quality checks & in house production of all critical components. The panels are dust & vermin proof and with degree of protection IP4X as per IS 2147 for indoor panel & IP55 for outdoor VCB Kiosk panel.

Asiatic Vacuum Circuit Breaker panel consists of 4 chambers namely… Breaker chamber, Metering chamber Bus Bar Chamber, CT/PT, Cable Chamber.

Breaker Chamber

This consists of VCB mounted on a trolley, horizontal draw out type with self aligning type moving contacts. Fixed contacts are covered automatically by movable shutters while drawing out the VCB to ensure no direct contact with live parts.

Bus Bar Chamber

The switchgear panel is provided with single/double busbar configurations with high electrical Grade Copper / Aluminum. The 3 phase Bus bars are supported on strong epoxy insulation are fixed in delta configuration which minimises electro mechanical stresses under short circuit conditions. Bus bars are provided with H.T. Sleeve insulation.

CT/PT, Cable Chamber

The CT/PT & Cable chamber is located at the rear side of the panel & ready access is available by operating the rear cover with safety weld mesh. It is possible to mount Core balance CTs with in the cubicle.

Outdoor VCB Kiosk

Asiatic offers Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker Kiosk for direct installation on a plinth. The power supply can be taken either through roof bushings or cable box or a combination of roof bushing and cable box. The CTs/PTs and relays are in built in the metal enclosure.

Earthing (Options)

Earthing is provided through a draw-out truck with solid links on the bus bar/feeder side.


  • Interlocks are provided such that breaker closing is prevented in intermediate position between service & test/isolated positions.
  • Mechanical interlocks to prevent truck racking in/out when beaker is in closed position.
  • Breaker can be inserted only when control plug & socket is in proper position.
  • Control plug & socket can be removed only in isolated position.
  • Mechanical castle interlock with upstream/downstream isolators can be provided on request.